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Our mission is to inspire, educate, and empower professionals and organizations to achieve sustained growth and success through the principles of Lean Six Sigma.
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Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

At Lean Six Sigma Bureau, we prioritize achieving optimal results through effective project execution. Our tailored coaching programs feature personalized 1:1 sessions, strategic toll gate meetings, and unrestricted access to a Certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt.


About Lean Six Sigma Bureau (LSSB)

LSSB empowers organizations to excel with Lean Six Sigma training. We make learning easy and effective, so your team can drive real improvements and succeed in today’s business world.

Certification Trusted By

Our free Lean Six Sigma White Belt training teaches the basics of Six Sigma for process improvement and quality. Great for anyone looking to understand Six Sigma easily.

Our Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt course covers Lean principles, Six Sigma basics, project management, team leadership, and DMAIC/DMADV. It’s designed to help you contribute to projects effectively

Our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training builds on Yellow Belt, teaching graphical analysis, normal distributions, correlation, and regression. After certification, you’ll be ready to lead Lean Six Sigma projects.

Our Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training is for dedicated learners. It covers advanced topics like control techniques, variance analysis, experiment design, and Minitab mastery. Once certified, you can mentor Green Belts and lead complex projects.

 For Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Level II Certificstion, there’s no theoretical exam. You just submit a completed project using DMAIC or DMADV.


For Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Level III, you need to submit a second completed project using DMAIC or DMADV. 
 To apply, you need a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Level III and 3 years of experience leading projects.


More Than a Training Provider

We believe we are much more than just a training provider. At LSSB, we are dedicated to empowering you, to not just learn but to apply your knowledge to drive change and cultivate operational excellence in your organizations.

Online Training

Accelerate your Lean Six Sigma journey with our comprehensive online training programs.

Own Pace

Learn Lean Six Sigma at your own pace with our flexible online training programs.

Direct Start

Start your Lean Six Sigma journey directly with our convenient online training programs.


Join our thriving community of Lean Six Sigma enthusiasts and practitioners.


Achieve tangible results and drive operational excellence with our results-oriented programs.


Earn a globally recognized Lean Six Sigma certification through our comprehensive training programs


Free Lean Six Sigma White Belt


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