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Our mission is to inspire, educate, and empower professionals and organizations to achieve sustained growth and success through the principles of Lean Six Sigma.
Customized Lean Six Sigma Certification program
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 At Lean Six Sigma Bureau, we prioritize delivering optimal results. Our approach involves crafting personalized Lean Six Sigma programs tailored to meet your specific needs.

About Lean Six Sigma Bureau (LSSB)

LSSB empowers organizations to excel with Lean Six Sigma training. We make learning easy and effective, so your team can drive real improvements and succeed in today’s business world.

Certification Trusted By

Our free Lean Six Sigma White Belt training teaches the basics of Six Sigma for process improvement and quality. Great for anyone looking to understand Six Sigma easily.

Our Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt course covers Lean principles, Six Sigma basics, project management, team leadership, and DMAIC/DMADV. It’s designed to help you contribute to projects effectively

Our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training builds on Yellow Belt, teaching graphical analysis, normal distributions, correlation, and regression. After certification, you’ll be ready to lead Lean Six Sigma projects.

Our Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training is for dedicated learners. It covers advanced topics like control techniques, variance analysis, experiment design, and Minitab mastery. Once certified, you can mentor Green Belts and lead complex projects.

 For Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Level II Certificstion, there’s no theoretical exam. You just submit a completed project using DMAIC or DMADV.


For Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Level III, you need to submit a second completed project using DMAIC or DMADV. 
 To apply, you need a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Level III and 3 years of experience leading projects.


More Than a Training Provider

We believe we are much more than just a training provider. At LSSB, we are dedicated to empowering you, to not just learn but to apply your knowledge to drive change and cultivate operational excellence in your organizations.

Online Training

Accelerate your Lean Six Sigma journey with our comprehensive online training programs.

Own Pace

Learn Lean Six Sigma at your own pace with our flexible online training programs.

Direct Start

Start your Lean Six Sigma journey directly with our convenient online training programs.


Join our thriving community of Lean Six Sigma enthusiasts and practitioners.


Achieve tangible results and drive operational excellence with our results-oriented programs.


Earn a globally recognized Lean Six Sigma certification through our comprehensive training programs


Free Lean Six Sigma White Belt

Elevate Your Skills with Comprehensive Lean Six Sigma Training and Certification

Here at Lean Six Sigma Bureau (LSSB) leansixsigmabureau, we specialize in offering top-notch training programs to assist you in mastering Lean Six Sigma methodologies and achieving certification in quality control and process optimization. Our selection of Lean Six Sigma belt training courses offers something for everyone, no matter where you are in your journey or how advanced you want to get.
Lean Six Sigma White Belt Training: Enroll in our White Belt Training course to get started on your Lean Six Sigma journey. This course is ideal for beginners as it gives them a basic understanding of the terminology, concepts, and principles of Lean Six Sigma, laying the groundwork for future progress.
Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training: Use this course to expand on the fundamental knowledge you already possess. Learn more about Lean Six Sigma techniques and how to contribute to your company’s process improvement projects in an efficient manner.
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training: Take in our course to advance your skills to the next level. This course covers advanced Lean Six Sigma tools and techniques, and is designed for professionals who want to lead process improvement projects. It will equip you with the tools you need to drive meaningful change and produce quantifiable results.
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training: Complete our Black Belt Training course to earn your certification as a Lean Six Sigma specialist. This thorough program is designed for seasoned professionals who want to become experts in project management, advanced statistical analysis, and leadership so they can manage challenging efforts to improve and promote organizational excellence.
We take great satisfaction in providing effective training that is changing, interesting, and goal-oriented. Our instructors, who have years of practical experience in the field, will make sure you leave our courses with the knowledge and abilities required to thrive in the competitive market of today.

Why Choose LSSB for Your Lean Six Sigma Belt Training Needs?

We guarantee that you receive an extensive training by covering the entire range of Lean Six Sigma methodologies, tools, and best practices in our courses.

Our Commitment to Continuous Improvement:

We are dedicated to providing top-tier Lean Six Sigma training and certification programs to individuals and organizations worldwide. Our mission is to empower professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to drive continuous improvement, enhance operational efficiency, and achieve sustainable business success.

Our Certification Accreditation:

We are proud to offer accredited Lean Six Sigma certifications recognized by The Council of Six Sigma Certification (CSSC). Our certifications adhere to rigorous standards and best practices, ensuring that learners receive the highest quality training and credentials. Whether you’re pursuing a Lean Six Sigma White Belt, Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt or Master Black Belt certification, you can trust us to validate your expertise and proficiency in Lean Six Sigma methodologies.

Our Market Analysis:

In today’s competitive landscape, organizations across industries are increasingly turning to Lean Six Sigma to streamline processes, optimize performance, and stay ahead of the curve. Market analysis reveals that a significant percentage of Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies have already implemented Lean Six Sigma, underscoring its effectiveness in driving tangible results and gaining a competitive edge. With us you can tap into this growing demand for Lean Six Sigma expertise and position yourself or your organization for success.

What We Offering:

We offers a comprehensive range of Lean Six Sigma training and certification programs tailored to meet the diverse needs of learners at every level. Our offerings include:
  • Lean Six Sigma White Belt, Yellow Belt, Green Belt and (Master) Black Belt
  • Customized Lean Six Sigma Program and Project Coaching
  • LSSB Academy

Our Impression:

We pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional learning experience that goes beyond certification. Our commitment to excellence, innovation, and continuous improvement sets us apart as the premier destination for Lean Six Sigma training. Join our community of learners and professionals, and embark on a journey of growth, transformation, and success with us.

Lean Six Sigma Consultancy

Use our Lean Six Sigma Consultancy services to learn more about statistical techniques and data-driven decision-making. To optimize procedures and improve business performance, our experts will walk you through the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) methodology

Process optimization

Our process optimization is an organized strategy meant to raise overall development performance, efficacy, and efficiency. It entails examining current procedures, spotting inefficiencies, and putting new ones into place to improve productivity, streamline workflows, and cut down on waste. Achieving higher quality outputs, lower costs, shorter cycle times, and increased customer satisfaction are the objectives of process optimization.

Lean Six Sigma Tools:

To promote continuous improvement and long-lasting outcomes, examine an extensive toolkit of Lean and Six Sigma approaches, such as Value Stream Mapping, Kaizen, Root Cause Analysis, and Statistical Process Control.

Lean Six Sigma Project & Project Charter:

In this section, we describe projects that apply the concepts of Lean Six Sigma to actual projects. In order to execute projects efficiently and clearly, you also create a Lean Project Charter that outlines the project’s goals, deliverables, and scope.

Coaching Education:

With our extensive training programs, you can earn your certification as a Lean Six Sigma coach. To mentor and empower teams towards success, acquire effective coaching techniques, communication strategies, and leadership skills.

Solution Selection Matrix:

Use our Matrix to help you become an expert at choosing the best solutions. Consider factors like cost-effectiveness, impact, and feasibility when evaluating options in order to make wise choices and promote long-lasting change.

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Once we receive these details, our team will promptly get in touch with you to discuss your training requirements and provide you with a personalized quote. We look forward to helping you on your Lean Six Sigma journey!